Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chicago Schwinn Black Superior - $700 obo

This Schwinn Superior was restored as a single speed bicycle.  Unfortunetaly there were not enough original parts left to turn it back to it's original 10 speed glory so the frame, fork, bottom bracket, pedals, headset and stem are the only original parts left :-(
But it's such an amazing frame that it was worth investing it into a single speed.  25" Filet brazed, hand built here in Chicago.  It has Campognola Mirage brakes and crank, Alex 450 flip flop wheels with formula hubs, Arionne seat, Tektro brake levers, and new Vitorria tires.  It has a 48t chain ring and 16t cog/ 16t free wheel.

Chicago Schwinn Pink Suburban - $150 / SOLD

Flamingo Pink Schwinn Suburban!  One of the best paint schemes I've seen on a women's frame and rides like a dream.  This bike was already in great condition, especially the paint.  Cleaned up, lubed with new cables, housing, tubes and tires.  Selling fast!

Thanks to Molly for picking this up!  Sweet ride for a sweet lady. 

Chicago Schwinn Yellow Varsity - $125 / SOLD

This small framed varsity was really beat up but I decided to restore it because of the color and  original matching bar tape.  I love the yellow paint scheme on these bikes.  This took a while to restore but I learned a lot about it because of that.  It's a 19" frame which is tiny for a men's bike so when I restored it, I intentially set it up for a woman rider.  I can only imagine the cutie who get's a hold of this bike.

Thanks to Eric L. for donating this bike to the cause!

And thanks to Jackie!  This bike looks great on you! Ride on!

Beacon Royale Single Speed