Saturday, June 23, 2012

Schwinn Traveler

Here it is, the fully restored bike!

Frame, fenders, and chain guard all in really great shape!

I replaced the existing spring saddle with a classic Schwinn 2 tone seat used on deluxe model Suburbans.

I can't say enough about how much I love the generator light sets.  Rewired and working perfectly.

Coaster brake working strong.

One last parting shot of the blue beauty!
Thanks John E. for bringing this bike to Shin Schwinn for restoration!

Schwinn Traveler - Rebuild

Here is a Schwinn Traveler Single Speed with Coaster Brake that
needed a complete rebuild.  This is the frame with most of the parts disassembled.  It's a nice frame!

All the parts were degreased and washed.  See the Shin Process for details
This is the bottom headset being re-greased.

OK!  This is looking great so far.  Most of it is put back together and awaiting wheels!

These are 26"x 1 3/8" wheels with rear coaster brake.  Wheels are a pain in the butt but to get them clean and shiny, you gotta go at it with wire brushes and soap. 

This is the first time I've worked on a coaster brake.  Pretty neat design.  I took this pic to study the assembly and also to remember how to put the contraption back together.

For the rims, to keep track of where I am, I usually start where the tube valve hole is and scrub every spoke nipple all the way around til I get back to the hole.  This is the toughest part.  

Ah!  Clean and shiny.  Use degreaser for and a finer brass brush to get the tighter spots if needed!