Friday, February 8, 2013

Bianchi Single Speed Rebuild

Welcome back to Shin Schwinn!  It's been a while because we've moved! The ShSch shop is now located in Batavia, Il!  I'm still working on getting the shop set up just right but for now it's at least up and running!

The first job in the new shop: An 80's Bianchi road bike in their signature Celeste Green color.
This is a restore and rebuild project for my friend Andy A. who is looking to make this a winter single speed.

This bike was obviously well used and is in serious need of a tune up.
Let's strip it naked!

This is the head set laid out.  The bearings are completely seized.

The rear derailleur is totally shot.  Several teeth are broken from the cogs but it's a good thing we're turning this into a single speed so we won't need to worry about this part.

Cleaned Bottom Bracket

Tip#4 When installing cable housings, use a fine tipped applicator and add a few drops of lubricant into the opening.  Preferably the end that the cable will enter through.  This will help keep the cable nice and slick improving performance and longevity.

Hoses are secured down and ready for bar wrapping.

Tip #5 Use bungee cords to secure the fork in place while you work.  This third hand helps when working on the brake levers and cables and prevents the handlebar from crashing into the top tube.

Here's the bike with all the components installed including a new GOLD crank that will match the GOLD Velocity Deep V wheelset that I ordered for this custom build.  There's a lot of Celeste bikes with common color combos but this Gold accent is going to be really unique.

BTW...please excuse my dungeon workshop, the previous owner left a mess in the basement.  But hopefully this summer, we'll get this cleaned up!