Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homemade Headset Removal Tool

I'm a big fan of making custom tools that solve problems that stall a project.  For this build, I have a Japanese built 25" frame made by Lotus.  The head tube is about as long as they come...which makes getting the head set cups out a real challenge.  Usually, I use a long flat head screwdriver to reach down into the head tube and catch the lip of the cups.  Then I tap it out with a rubber mallet.  But this time, the screwdriver couldn't reach!

Basically what I created is a specialized chisel using a 1"tube with one end cut into quarters about 4" down and splayed open slightly.  I made sure my tube was longer than the head tube.  

When the non-cut end is inserted the splayed end gets squeezed into the tube and after it passes the cups, it springs out over the lip evenly with a satisfying snap.

All that's left is to tap it out with my rubber mallet.  Voila!